Team Development and Coaching

I am a passionate believer in the power of teams and the difference strong, positive team dynamics can have on performance. Some of the key areas I can help a team work on are:

Jane Sendall Leadership – Team Development and Coaching

Building psychological safety

Psychological safety in teams is ‘a shared belief held by members of a team that others on the team will not embarrass, reject, or punish them for speaking up.’ Helping teams explore what this means for them as well as share how they feel about the safety on their team in its current state can be powerful steps to help a team grow and evolve.

Understanding and leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion

Whilst a homogenous team might find it initially easier to get on, it’s well proven that diverse and inclusive teams are much more effective, innovative and high performing in the long run. I can help teams explore and take action to increase their diversity and inclusion – looking at difference and diversity from multiple angles.

Building trust as a team forms

Teams typically go through stages of development as they come together (from forming to storming, norming and performing). Building trust is critical for any team that truly wants to perform. I can help teams increase their vulnerability and authenticity and build their trust and openness with each other – whatever stage they are at.

Understanding, recognising and addressing conflict

Conflict is often seen as something to be avoided in the workplace where as in fact the ability to have ‘healthy conflict’ can be a key contributor to a diverse and safe team. Knowing how to recognize, surface and address conflict constructively can help a team move into the next stage of development.

Leveraging a team’s dynamics

Understanding a team’s dynamics starts with understanding each individual on the team; everyone will bring not just different experiences but different styles, personalities and preferences. I am accredited in MBTI, DiSC, TMSDI and Hogan and can use these tools or a different approach to enable a team to appreciate and leverage their team style with themselves and with others going forward.

Team coaching to high performance

If a team is not ‘in flow’, there is probably something blocking performance – whether it be lack of clear purpose, lack of clarity around goals, lack of psychological safety, stress and burnout or something else. I can help a team understand what the blockers are and create a plan to address the challenges to moving forward.

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