Leadership Development

I have been working with leaders for over 25 years, designing, delivering and managing programs and interventions that help leaders succeed, thrive and grow.

When designing programs, I always start with the organizational context and objectives, the desired leadership skillset and the latest thinking and research around current and emergent leadership challenges. My goal is then to design learning and development experiences that are engaging, stimulating, practical and results oriented.

Examples of previous work

In the examples below, I project-managed and designed these programs and then wrote and delivered elements of them.

LITE (Leading in a Transforming Enterprise):
An award-winning, self-paced, flexible and personalized curriculum program designed to deliver during the pandemic, using blended learning practices, relevant and impactful content alongside practical tools, compelling speakers, external best practices and group coaching sessions. Leaders’ feedback showed that they were inspired and motivated by the program

A modular in-person program taking place in three different locations over 4 months, giving high-potential leaders exposure to senior leaders, immersive experiences in critical competencies and learning visits to external ‘leading-edge’ companies. 25% of delegates were promoted post the program.

Designed to stretch, increase self-awareness and increase development for high-potential leaders, partnering with an organizational psychology partner, this program was a two-day intensive event followed by detailed feedback and development planning for participants. Against a control group, the program proved to have a significant impact on career development in the 18 months following the program.

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